Austrian Engineering Offices

The Austrian Trade and Industry Code (“Gewerbeordnung”) demands that certain professions, especially when related to human wellbeing, health and environment, are licensed and state-certified before starting their services.

As an Austrian engineering and consulting office, Ingenieurbüro Brkic und Labenbacher is established and licensed per this Code and entitled to use the seal of state-approved engineering and consulting offices.

A licensed engineering and consulting office is permitted to execute the following services (paragraph 33 and 134 of the Trade and Industry Code) in their respective field:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering (i.e. preparation of drawings and calculations)
  • Studies
  • Execution of examinations, audits and measurements
  • Elaboration of projects
  • Monitoring the execution of projects
  • Acceptance of projects and review of invoices
  • Preparation of expert assessments
  • To represent the Client at authorities
  • Checking and monitoring of industrial plants, parts thereof and machines