Invitation to Tender and Comparison of Offers

Professionally prepared Invitations to Tender are a further step in a successful project. This Invitation to Tender includes the technical and commercial framework for the execution of the project. The documents are submitted to possible Contractors for preparation of their offers.

The Invitation to Tender is a very project specific document. Technical information is based on an advanced conceptual design or preliminary basic design. Generally, the following information shall be included:

  • Project description
  • Bidding process description including bonds
  • Basic data like products, location, raw materials, operating time
  • Technical description of the facilities, the process, the battery limits
  • Technical specification of equipment
  • Manual for project execution
  • Commercial framework
  • Content of the bid

The Invitation to Tender ensures that requirements developed during the project planning are implemented in the project execution. Receipt of comparable bids allows swift progress in comparison and negotiation.

In the course of preparation for tender, a prequalification for contractors can be executed. A prequalification will select the best-qualified companies to receive the calls for tender and consecutively speed-up the project.

Upon receipt of the bids, a fully transparent analysis of the offers is carried out by IBBL. Agreement on evaluation criteria in advance and provision of all evaluation steps guarantees traceability of the results. Questionnaires can be sent to the bidders and meetings can be held to discuss and improve the offers. With selected bidders, final contract negotiations will take place resulting in a contract ready for signature.