Project Management and Engineering

The duties of the project management are contractually assigned to the Contractor when an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC) is signed.

Approaches other than EPC contracts in project strategy also have their advantages for the Client. For example, when there are special needs in engineering and equipment supply which are difficult to fulfill in an EPC project. In such cases, the hiring of a specialist for the project management is a solution to avoid EPC contracts and its limitations. Instead of assigning all duties to one EPC Contractor, specialized and experienced staff from the project management expert will manage the project on behalf of the Owner.

The project manager will coordinate engineering companies, equipment suppliers as well as construction and erection companies which are working on the same project. Scheduling, design coordination, tendering and contracting, enforcing battery limits, coordination of works on site, coordination of equipment manufacturers and delivery, etc. are tasks the specialists will carry out.

The project manager can also take over the engineering, for example the conceptual engineering to develop the invitation to bid for the suppliers. During project execution, the project manager can participate in the design more than just in drawings review or battery limits coordination. Please see engineering for further details.