IBBL offers engineering and consulting services throughout the complete lifecycle of an industrial plant. This lifecycle comprises three major phases:

  • Pre-investment phase
  • Design and erection phase
  • Operation phase

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Pre-investment phase

The pre-investment or planning phase of a project is the first stage, before the final decision on investment is made.

To begin an Investor could search for a project idea or develop an existing project idea into a solid project proposal with an Opportunity Study,

A Pre-Feasibility Study has a similar table of contents to that of a Feasibility Study but has an adjusted depth of investigation in certain points. It is used to compare various alternative variants of a project. For such a study, also the points which need detailed additional investigation are examined in order to have the information ready for a subsequent Feasibility Study.

For these important special topics, support studies such as a Raw Material Study or a Market Study can be prepared in order to investigate before the preparation of a Feasibility Study or as a part thereof.

Conceptual Engineering, sometimes even Basic Engineering of the proposed plant is already done at this stage.

At the end of this process, the feasibility of the project is investigated with a detailed Feasibility Study. In order to have reliable figures, the basic framework of the project must be defined, e.g. conceptual or basic design, project strategy, etc.

Design and erection phase

When the feasibility study confirms the requirements, the Invitation to Tender is prepared. Risks identified during the pre-planning phase are mitigated. The project framework is further developed – technically and commercially. The rules for the bidding process are elaborated.

Consecutively, offers are compared and negotiations with bidders take place. No later than upon contract signature, the second phase in the life of an industrial plant commences – “design and erection” or “project execution”.

The project is planned in detail. Depending on the selected project strategy, the Project Management, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering is carried out either by an Engineering Firm or by the Contractor. If the Contractor designs the plant himself, the project planning, the design and the execution are monitored by a team of specialists to ensure that a plant is delivered according to the contract.

In parallel, the Owner recruits his plant staff and the staff is trained.

Operation phase

When the erection and commissioning are completed and the plant is taken over, the operation phase commences.

During the first one or two years of operation, the plant is in the warranty phase. This is monitored by an expert.

Later in the plant’s lifetime the plant reaches its production limits. The Owner hires an expert team to audit the plant. Topics of the audit could be to optimize the production, to increase the production or to rehabilitate the plant.

All of the engineering and consulting services required for such projects are provided by IBBL.

Alternative fuels and raw materials

One highlight of our Services combining consulting and engineering is the investigation and implementation of alternative fuels and raw materials in your cement plant. Please see the dedicated section of our homepage.