Pre-Feasibility Study

To determine and analyze the available business scenarios and to select the best one is the main purpose of a Pre-Feasibility Study.

For a specific project, often more than one variant is available. To elaborate a full feasibility study for each variant might be too expensive.

In a Pre-feasibility Study, we analyze more than one business scenario to select the most feasible, both technically and financially. It serves as an intermediate stage between a full-scale Feasibility Study and the Opportunity Study. The more detailed the technical investigation is, the more advanced the conceptual design will be.

Ideally, the Table of Contents for a Pre-Feasibility Study is the same as for a Feasibility Study. However, the focus of these studies is different and therefore, the depth of investigation in certain areas for a Pre-Feasibility Study is limited compared to a full-scale study. The following major points are covered:

  • Examination of possible project alternatives
  • Aspects of the project which are critical to the feasibility and need detailed investigation, maybe even with a support study
  • Justification of a detailed feasibility study
  • Environmental situation and potential impact

Of course, the questions will be adapted to best fit the requirements of the project. Available know-how from the Client and data from other studies like market analysis, raw material study, etc. will already be incorporated.