Audit and Study

The first step in the optimization of a plant is an audit or a study. The meaning of “Optimization” depends on the target. An audit or study therefore can focus on different sectors like:

  • Overall plant performance
  • Performance of a section of the plant
  • Upgrade and rehabilitation
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Maintenance and equipment condition
  • Alternative fuels
  • Environmental impact
  • Solving a specific problem

A typical audit or study would include several steps always resulting in recommendations for the Client on how to achieve improvements and optimization.

After agreement on the scope of works, the required information to be provided for the preparation of a plant audit is defined. These are operational data, drawings, materials for analysis, visual information from site visit, measurements, among others.

Especially the data collection on site has to be well coordinated between the Client and IBBL as it may require shut-downs depending on the equipment to be examined.

After performing the audit, a report is prepared and presented. This report includes the analysis as well as recommendations for actions. These recommendations will be justified. Depending on the agreement, actions are prepared up to engineering and support in procurement.

If the audit requires chemical or physical analyses, we work together with laboratories in Austria and Europe. These laboratories can perform chemical and physical analyses of all raw materials, intermediate products as well as final products.

Important to keep in mind is that IBBL is an independent company. We are not connected to equipment suppliers or banks and we are not equipment suppliers.