Conceptual Engineering

The conceptual engineering is part of the pre-investment phase. Within this first engineering phase, the plant is outlined. Basic solutions are elaborated and a first definition of the project is made. Together with the Client, the technical, functional and economical targets of the project are defined.

The collection of the input data during this stage is of major importance and necessary for speedy and valuable development of conceptual design. Therefore, in this stage a good understanding of the requirements of the stakeholders in the project is vital. For the same purpose, the battery limits of the project need to be defined.

Within an extension or a rehabilitation project, the existing facilities also need to be studied. Conceptual design is included in a study about the project. The outcome is shown in block flow charts and basic process flow charts.

Based on the collected information and data, first solutions including preliminary specification of major equipment as well as possible alternative solutions are elaborated.

As a final stage of conceptual design, layouts are developed to have block diagrams, basic process flow sheets, preliminary arrangement and information about space requirements of the plant.

Please refer also to the chapters “pre-feasibility study” “feasibility study”, “invitation to tender” and “audit and study” regarding the embedding of conceptual design in the development of a project.