IBBL offers dedicated training led by experienced experts. Courses provided directly at the plant site and will improve the skill levels of the participants within a short period of time. The courses are adapted to the precise needs of a Client. Topics are for example the

  • theoretical background of the production process
  • operation of the plant
  • quality assurance
  • maintenance planning
  • maintenance of equipment

Classroom style training, hands-on in the plant or training at the workplace are possible. Regular tests boosts the learning curve.

Typical situations for organizing training are:

  • the installation of new machinery: This requires the staff to operate an unknown machines or processes. A well-qualified expert would teach the new employees the theoretical background of the process as well as the operation and maintenance of the machine. This allows employees to take well-founded decision in the future operation.
  • a qualification program for employees: Trained staff can make during the daily work routine well-founded decisions. This will impact the success of the company. Technical training as part of a qualification program – often implemented when new employees are hired – will be executed by experts for different disciplines like operation, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.