Project Monitoring

Monitoring of the project execution by IBBL as experienced Consultant ensures the rights of the Owner already during the execution of the project.

Medium- to large-size projects are executed as Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts (EPC) respectively Lump-sum turn-key projects (LSTK). One Contractor is responsible for project planning, engineering, procurement respectively manufacturing as well as execution on site.

With such types of projects, it is of major importance to ensure the rights of the Owner during the complete project implementation phase. Detecting problems too late might lead to losses of quality, time and money for the Owner. Certain issues might not even be correctable at a later stage.

An experienced, dedicated Consultant for monitoring the project execution will avoid such problems.

IBBL will monitor the project planning, engineering, procurement, manufacturing deliveries as well as the construction and erection activities on site. The cold-run tests, commissioning, performance testing until taking-over will also be overseen by experienced experts.

Typical activities are:

  • Establish rules for project execution between Client, Contractor and Consultant
  • Monitor project planning
  • Check design drawings and purchase specifications for compliance with contractual stipulations, standards, engineering practice, etc.
  • Review of Quality Assurance Plans, participation in inspection and review of Quality Documentation
  • Monitoring the site activities from the beginning including establishment of quality Assurance Program and execution thereof as well as performing inspections
  • Establishing invoicing system and progress reporting system
  • Review of manuals for cold-run tests and for commissioning
  • Establish procedures for Performance Guarantee Tests
  • Punch lists
  • Taking-over

Project monitoring by IBBL fulfills the role of an Engineer as per FIDIC contract templates.